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  • Straight Fraternity
  • Straight Fraternity
  • Straight Fraternity
  • Straight Fraternity
  • Straight Fraternity
  • Straight Fraternity
  • Straight Fraternity
  • Straight Fraternity
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Models / Franco Dax

Avg Rating: 4.0

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Stan at the Hole
Franco Dax, Stan 07/24/2019
Horny fraternity brother Stan sneaks off to the gloryhole room to get his big, veiny dick sucked. This horny frat boy is hard and moaning in no time, but I don't want him to cum too fast. I keep him right on the edge sucking his veiny cock and big balls. Stan presses up against the hole so he can fuck...

Beefy Asian Aaron At The Gloryhole
Aaron, Franco Dax 07/17/2019
Aaron's high testosterone makes him constantly horny, so he stops by the Straight Fraternity gloryhole to relieve his blue balls. He steps up and pulls his uncut cock out of his athletic shorts. His thick cock glistens as I suck it, and I make sure to lick his big nuts, too. I bob on his hard, curved...

Tough Guy Lance Gets A Gloryhole Blowjob
Franco Dax, Lance Powers 07/03/2019
Straight tough guy Lance is willing to get his first gloryhole blowjob if he doesn't have to show his face. I make sure it's a long, wet one and don't stop until he nuts on me and down my throat. Lance sticks his veiny cock and big balls into the hole. Right away, I can tell he likes it because he pushes...

Shawn Drained
Franco Dax, Shawn 06/26/2019
Shawn takes off his shirt and sticks his dick through his fly and into my mouth. It's been days since Shawn last drained his balls, and this horny young man is desperate to shoot his load. He moans and rubs himself and commands me to suck his dick. I swallow him all the way down to his blonde pubes,...

Max at the Gloryhole
Franco Dax, Max 06/12/2019
Max heard from some of his buddies about the Straight Fraternity gloryhole and recently decided to try it out. In just a few moments, he's moaning in pleasure as his big, uncut cock is deep-throated and sucked dry.

Clayton at the Gloryhole
Clayton, Franco Dax 06/05/2019
Before he leaves town, Clayton tries out the Fraternity gloryhole for the first time. I'm excited when Clayton shows up at the gloryhole because I like a challenge. I fill my throat with his huge white cock while playing with his big balls. Then I slurp his swollen head until he unloads his salty goodness...

Malcom at the Gloryhole
Franco Dax, Malcom 05/15/2019
Malcom is the first in a new group of college guys who want their dicks sucked before taking off for the summer. Malcom opens his shorts and slips his shaved dick and fat balls into the gloryhole, where the Pledgemaster starts the magic. He blows and strokes Malcom to completion and sucks all the cum...

Derek Hazed
Derek, Franco Dax 04/27/2019
Derek has a tennis scholarship to college. He works out at least 4 days a week, and you can see it in his lean, ripped body and muscular legs. I tie Derek up and blindfold him, and his young cock starts to stiffen. He jumps when I first touch him, but then relaxes and smirks while I suck his cock. He...

Page 3 of 10
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