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  • Straight Fraternity
  • Straight Fraternity
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Models / Franco Dax

Avg Rating: 3.0

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Franco Dax Updates

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Hung Black Athlete At An Anonymous Gloryhole
Anthony E., Franco Dax 03/08/2017
"Anthony" hears a rumor about an anonymous gloryhole where he can get his cock sucked dry. He ditches his buddies at the game field and goes in to have his big black dick and balls drained. "Anthony" definitely won't show his face, but at the gloryhole it's his enormous dong that matters the most. I...

Franco Dax, Victor 02/22/2017
Victor steps up to the Straight Fraternity gloryhole to get his thick, uncut cock sucked and his big, swollen balls drained. Victor slips his uncut cock out of his athletic shorts and through the hole. I lick all around the inside of his foreskin, and his cock stiffens instantly. I suck thick tool, deepthroating...

Double Loaded - Two ROTC Guys Blown
Franco Dax, Max E., Nick 02/15/2017
ROTC buddies Max and Nick stop by the Straight Fraternity gloryhole late one night to take turns getting their dicks sucked, and two big loads end up in the Pledgemaster's mouth. Max steps up first and sticks his thick cock through the gloryhole. He waves to his buddy to come in and watch as he fucks...

Beefy Bald Guy Blown
Chain, Franco Dax 01/25/2017
Beefy Chain is so full of cum that he's almost ready to explode. Sometimes Chain can be a little reluctant to fool around with another guy. So I convince him to try the gloryhole, and he shoots the biggest load ever all over my face. To top it off, I lick and suck his dick clean.

Ace's Enormous Black Dick Sucked
Ace, Franco Dax 01/04/2017
Not all black men are hung, but Ace sure is. I knew I had to swallow that thing. Ace sticks his cock through the hole and I slip it in my mouth. I suck his shaft and balls until he's fully hard. He's a grower! I lube up Ace's monster and jack and suck until he unloads in my mouth and all over my beard....

Trevor's Huge Uncut Cock and Big Balls
Franco Dax, Trevor 12/28/2016
Trevor always needs to relieve his big, aching balls, so he visits the Fraternity gloryhole to get his monster drained. Trevor's uncut cock gets hard right away as I lick and suck his giant shaft and balls. He slides his dick in and out of the hole, and I focus on his sensitive cockhead. Trevor pulls...

Abel's Big Dick Blown
Abel, Franco Dax 12/14/2016
Since Abel's still in town, I want to swallow his long, tasty pole while I can. I tell him he can get a free blowjob at the gloryhole if he comes in the back door. I don't tell him that the person he can't see who's blowing him is me. Abel's been willing to do almost anything, so now he gets to enjoy...

Kae Bait and Switch BJ
Franco Dax, Kae 12/07/2016
A couple of Kae's buddies bring him to this gloryhole for a blowjob he thinks he's getting from a girl. At first, he doesn't know that another guy is doing the sucking, but it feels so good he just goes with it, even after figuring it out. Kae's buddies push him into the room and tell him to step up...

Page 3 of 10
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