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  • Straight Fraternity
  • Straight Fraternity
  • Straight Fraternity
  • Straight Fraternity
  • Straight Fraternity
  • Straight Fraternity
  • Straight Fraternity
  • Straight Fraternity
  • Straight Fraternity
Models / Franco Dax

Avg Rating: 3.0

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Franco Dax Updates

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Alex Sucking Huge Cock
Alex, Franco Dax 07/05/2017
The tables turn when Alex stops by the Fraternity gloryhole. He gags on Franco's giant cock and takes a huge cum load to the face. He even tries to torture Franco's sensitive cock after he cums. When I start sucking Alex, he signals to me that he wants to try. I fuck his throat with my big dick, making...

Straight Roughneck Joe D Gets Blown
Franco Dax, Joe D. Wood 06/28/2017
Joe's girlfriend is out of town, and he needs to drain his balls. Franco invites him over to use the gloryhole, and Joe accepts, not realizing it's going to be the best head he's ever gotten! Joe is so horny that he starts getting hard right away. He moans and groans as I lick his balls and deepthroat...

Married Med Student Vladimir
Franco Dax, Vladimir 06/21/2017
24-year-old married medical student Vladimir doesn't get a lot of head at home. Franco sucks his uncut Bulgarian cock through the gloryhole, and Vlad pops a giant load in his mouth. Vladimir starts moaning as soon as I get his uncut cock in my mouth. He pulls back the skin and grabs his balls while I...

Franco Dax, Neil 06/07/2017
19-year-old football player Neil is kind of nervous, but he still lets Franco rim him for the first time before he beats off for the camera. After jacking himself to the edge a few times, he finally bursts everywhere, laughing happily as he cums. I ask Neil some basic questions to try to get his focus...

Hung Skateboarder At The Fraternity Gloryhole
Denim, Franco Dax 05/10/2017
Skaterboarder Denim has been cooped up in his dorm since he broke his arm last week. His blue balls are so bad that he finally goes to the Fraternity gloryhole to get some relief. Denim sticks his meat stick through the hole and the sucking begins. He's a grower, and his hard dick is nice and long. I...

Cum On Him
Diesel, Franco Dax, Jason Hayes 05/06/2017
Jason and Diesel have been friends for a couple of months, but today they get a lot closer. Franco instructs them to stroke and suck each other's cocks. He even gets them to cum on each other, but only after shooting his own huge load all over Diesel's face. I get Jason and Diesel to undress each other...

Straight 19-Year-Old's Gloryhole Blowjob
Franco Dax, Toby 05/03/2017
19-year-old Toby came in for a blowjob, but he didn't want to show his face because he's straight and doesn't want anyone to find out. Don't worry, Toby. It'll be our little secret! Toby opens his jeans and sticks his uncut cock into the hole, where he feels a hot, wet mouth on him. He slowly gets hard...

Parker Bareback
Franco Dax 04/29/2017
Parker is a hung Puerto Rican who responded to an ad for straight guys to beat off for cash. What Parker doesn't know is that Franco plans to take advantage of the situation, sucking Parker's big, uncut cock and maneuvering Parker into fucking him bareback. Even though I couldn't get Parker to beat off...

Page 3 of 10
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