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Models / Franco Dax

Avg Rating: 4.1

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Straight Latino Ricky's Gloryhole
Franco Dax, Ricky 12/17/2022
Laid back Ricky doesn't mind that this is the second time a guy is sucking his dick. He's horny, and ready to use a gloryhole. Ricky walks up to the hole and puts his dick in to get it sucked. A few minutes in and he's getting hot, dropping his shorts and pulling off his shirt. With his dick pointing...

Basic Training
Franco Dax, Liam 12/15/2022
20-year-old Liam is back from Army training, but he's still got a lot to learn. I show Liam how it feels to have his cute butt eaten and asshole fingered, but first I strip him out of his clothes and feel up his firm, athletic body. I suck Liam's dick and ask him what he's thinking about. He says "it's...

Allen At The Gloryhole
Allen K., Franco Dax 12/03/2022
Allen texted me looking for another awesome blowjob, so I sent him to the gloryhole. He whips out his dick and sticks it in the hole with no hesitation. As his cock gets harder, I can barely get it down my throat. Allen's leaning against the wall, holding on. I edge him for a long time before bringing...

Franco Dax, Tristan 12/01/2022
Gage's cousin, 18-year-old Tristan, is nervous and excited about getting his dick sucked at a gloryhole for the first time. He steps up and sticks his hot twink cock through the hole and right into my mouth. I jack and suck Tristan's dick while he presses his body against the wooden divider, enjoying...

Thomas Tries A Gloryhole
Franco Dax, Thomas 11/24/2022
Thomas' wife won't give him as much head as he wants, so he decides to try a gloryhole for the first time. He sticks his cock and balls through the gloryhole, and I get to sucking. Once I have Thomas hard, I pull out my boner, lube up and rub our cocks together. I suck on Thomas' swollen purple head...

Robbie R. Gets Blown
Franco Dax, Robbie R. 11/12/2022
Hung black stud Robbie recently visited Straight Fraternity for a no-strings attached blowjob. He's bigger and more muscular than ever, and as soon as he sticks his cock in the hole, I have him moaning and telling me what to do. I lick Robbie's balls and suck his big black dick until he blows a giant...

Cock Lesson
Franco Dax, Kayden, Thomas 11/03/2022
24-year-old married guy Thomas has jacked off with his buddies before, but he's never gone this far with a guy. With Kayden to experiment on, he learns how to choke down a huge dick and rub a guy's taint, practices fucking and kissing, and finds out how sensitive an uncut cock can be. I ask Thomas a...

Michael at the Gloryhole
Franco Dax, Michael Prince 10/29/2022
Horny straight guy Michael is eager to have his dick sucked at the Straight Fraternity gloryhole. He sticks his dick through the hole, and Franco sucks so good that Michael instantly gets hard. You can tell by the look on Michael's face that he loves it! Michael pulls out for a second but can't hold...

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