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Models / Franco Dax

Avg Rating: 3.0

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Clayton and Seamus
Clayton, Franco Dax, Seamus 03/19/2016
Seamus is paired with tall, hung twink Clayton. He chokes down Clayton's huge cock and shoots a big load of cum on his creamy smooth stomach. Clayton is obviously excited to be playing with Seamus, so much that I wonder if Seamus will be able to get that big dick down his throat. I guess I shouldn't...

Tyler At The Gloryhole
Franco Dax, Tyler 03/16/2016
Muscle stud Tyler doesn't care who worships his big black cock, just as long as he gets his nut off. And it's a GIANT load. I'd forgotten how huge Tyler's uncut cock is, even when he's soft. By the time he's fully hard, I can barely get it down my throat! Tyler flexes his big muscles while I slurp on...

Seamus Goes Gay For Pay
Franco Dax, Seamus 03/12/2016
Seamus goes gay-for-pay with Franco, fucking his face and letting him play with his ass. Franco plasters Seamus' chest with cum, and the straight boy follows shortly after. Seamus stutters a little bit as I undress him, but it sounds just like nervous energy to me. I keep going, rubbing his cock through...

Joe D. Wood
Franco Dax, Joe D. Wood 03/09/2016
Joe's been working construction all day. He's super horny, but so worn out that he doesn't want to deal with his girlfriend. He decides it's better just to get an NSA blowjob at a gloryhole. Joe sticks his fat cock through the hole, and I start going to town on him. I throat his shaft and slurp his head,...

Angel at the Gloryhole
Angel, Franco Dax 03/02/2016
After a long day, pretty blonde boy Angel just wants to relax and nut. He steps up to the Straight Fraternity gloryhole and shoots his juicy load inside. Angel smirks as he sticks his dick in the gloryhole. His big cock fills up my mouth as he gets hard, but in the end he finishes himself off. He shoots...

James T.
Franco Dax, James T. 02/24/2016
When straight stud James just can't seem to cum during his audition, Franco doles out some punishment. He forces James to jack him off and makes sure to get cum on him. James slips off his sweatpants and white athletic socks. I make him show me his beautiful size 13 feet, then let him jack off to the...

Joe B on the DL
Franco Dax, Joe B. 02/17/2016
Joe B. has a linebacker build and a thick uncut dick that needs draining. He uses the Straight Fraternity gloryhole to get off on the DL. I'm so excited to suck off Joe B. His thick, black foreskin has a creamy smooth feeling in my mouth. I love sliding it up and down his shaft and rolling my tongue...

JO Buddy
Franco Dax, Joe D. Wood 02/13/2016
Straight Southern roughneck Joe D. Wood has never had another guy's cock in his hand...until now. Just before Franco finishes jerking Joe off, he moves Joe's hand to his cock, making Joe's first-ever mutual masturbation session with a guy. They both shoot huge loads of cum. I help Joe out of his clothes...

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