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Models / Franco Dax

Avg Rating: 3.0

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Franco Dax Updates

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Hot Blonde Skater At The Gloryhole
Cody, Franco Dax 07/04/2018
Cody's got a big fat dick, and he's ready for an awesome blowjob. Once his whole dick and balls are through, I begin sucking and licking him. He stays rock hard and clearly is enjoying himself. I don't want Cody to pop right away, so I work him right up to the edge. When he starts moaning and breathing...

Respect and Obey
Blake Barnes, Carson, Franco Dax 06/23/2018
When Carson makes a snide comment about Blake, he gets what's coming to him. Blake ties him up, spanks him, makes him suck his cock and balls and flogs him with a heavy rope. When Blake pushes things too far, Carson tries to beat him back, but since he's too small to subdue him, he does what Blake hates...

Cameron's Cumming
Cameron, Franco Dax 06/20/2018
22 y.o. Cameron is like a walking hard-on, always horny and looking for a release. He'll try anything once, including sticking his dick through a hole to get his rocks off. Cameron is already hard when he opens his board shorts. I keep him on the edge by jacking his cock and sucking the head off an on....

Robbie Gets Initiated
Franco Dax, Robbie 06/06/2018
Athletic college student Robbie thinks he's here for a solo jack-off video, but I have other plans for this muscular young stud and his big black dick. Robbie says he parties too much in college, but since he works out every day, you can't tell it from his physique. He strips to his boxer briefs and...

Choke and Paddle
Cameron, Franco Dax, Sebastian Young 06/02/2018
If Cameron's going to make it in porn, he's got to learn how to throat some huge cocks. First he chokes down gay-for-pay star Sebastian Young's huge tool and swallows his load. Then Franco Dax shoves his big dick down Cameron's throat and sprays an enormous all over the side of his face. After all that,...

Franco Dax, Tanner 05/09/2018
College junior and golden boy Tanner is so horny after wrestling practice that he heads straight to the fraternity gloryhole to get some relief. He breathes hard and moans deeply when he shoots his load, and as he walks out of the room, he sneaks a look at who was on the other side blowing him.

Anonymous College Guy Gives Cum Facial
Franco Dax, Rob 04/25/2018
Rob heard about the Fraternity gloryhole from other guys around campus and wanted to check it out. He just finished a pick up game and came to the gloryhole to get his rocks off. He slips his athletic shorts down and enjoys the hot mouth sucking him through the hole. In the end, he gives the guy a huge...

Johnny Explodes
Franco Dax, Johnny 03/14/2018
After giving Johnny a helping hand (and mouth) in his recent blindfolded encounter with Allen, I want another taste of this scruffy young straight guy's dick. I invite him over to get sucked off at the gloryhole. I've forced him to be on the giving side in the past, but Johnny's never received a blowjob...

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