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Models / Franco Dax

Avg Rating: 4.1

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Angel At The Gloryhole
Angel, Franco Dax 09/28/2023
After a long day, pretty blonde Angel just wants to relax and nut. He steps up to the Straight Fraternity gloryhole and smirks as he sticks his dick inside. Angel's big cock fills up my mouth as he gets hard, but in the end he finishes himself off. He shoots his juicy load into the hole where I take...

Lane Trades Blowjobs
Franco Dax, Lane N. 09/23/2023
Lane needs to shoot a load badly and is willing to get off at a gloryhole with another dude. He steps up to the hole, already stroking his cock. I show him I'm doing the same on the other side, and he sticks his dick through. Before I know it, over-excited Lane is dumping his load everywhere. I eat it...

Joe's JO Buddy
Franco Dax, Joe D. Wood 09/21/2023
Straight Southern roughneck Joe D. Wood has never had another guy's cock in his hand, until now. I help Joe out of his clothes and tell him to start stroking his cock. We talk about techniques for fucking girls while I watch him masturbate. When I've learned how he likes it, I jump in and start sucking...

Ace At The Gloryhole
Ace, Franco Dax 09/14/2023
After doing such a good job blowing other guys at the gloryhole, it's Ace's turn to get some relief. But when he can't stay hard, he goes back to what he does best, coaxing huge loads out of other men's cocks. Ace presses his lean body up against the gloryhole wall while I suck his cock. He's hard at...

Bronson Stone Blown
Bronson Stone, Franco Dax 09/12/2023
Bronson Stone says he's willing to do what he needs to to break into porn, but like assholes, limits take time to stretch. He refuses rimming and pushes away fingers, but still enjoys a little foot worship and an amazing blowjob from another guy. Who doesn't like a swallower? While I undress Bronson,...

Sky's Giant Cock and Huge Load
Franco Dax, Sky 09/09/2023
Sky heard from a buddy of his that he could get an awesome blowjob at the Straight Fraternity gloryhole. He shows up with his huge uncut cock and a giant three-day load he's ready to blow. As I suck Sky's uncut cock, it gets bigger and bigger...and bigger! I choke down as much as I can, but it's even...

Gay Shit
Ace, Franco Dax, Nico Stiles 09/07/2023
If the guys want some on-camera pussy, they have to get gay with each other first. This time it's 21-year-old Nico Stiles' turn to let another guy suck his huge cock and help him get off. Right away, I get the guys to strip and start rubbing on each other. Ace goes down on Nico's monster dick, which...

Stick It In Bareback
Calvin, Franco Dax, Jeff 08/31/2023
Good buddies Jeff and Calvin figure that if they're going to experiment with barebacking, they might as well try it together. Calvin sucks Jeff first, but when Jeff returns the favor, I can't help myself and jump in to eat his ass. Calvin goes back to blowing Jeff, then pops up and starts lubing his...

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