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Models / Blake Barnes

Avg Rating: 4.8

Blake Barnes Vital Stats:

Blake Barnes Updates

Blake Barnes' Butt Play
Blake Barnes 08/01/2020
Blake Barnes is not sure what to expect when he walks in and sees all the sex toys, but he's curious to know what it feels like to cum with something in his butt. Blake tries a dildo about the size of his dick, but when he can't get it all the way in, he switches to a short butt plug. He makes that one...

Pledge Drew Hazed
Blake Barnes, Drew, Warren 02/01/2020
Drew will do anything to be friends with Warren and Blake. I push him into the room with his two Big Brothers. First they strip him and duct tape underwear to his head. Then they paddle his naked butt and shove lube up his asshole. I tell Warren to make Drew suck his cock. Blake takes over and face...

Pass The Bowl
Blake Barnes, Bronson Stone, Franco Dax 01/11/2020
Franco springs the Bowl of Tricks on Blake and Bronson, and they're both pretty worried about it! Blake draws first and gets his least favorite, "suck on toes." He does it with a scowl, but it only gets worse when Bronson draws "teabag." Finally, Blake gets one he loves, "paddle." He spanks Bronson's...

Blake Barnes Blown
Blake Barnes, Franco Dax 11/27/2019
Blake agrees to let me suck his cock at the gloryhole, and he unloads in my greedy mouth. I suck his smooth, pink cock and have him moaning right away. I deep throat him and slurp on that head, but he just doesn't seem to want to cum for me. Suddenly he steps back, strokes his cock for a second, then...

Hate Fuck
Blake Barnes, Marc 09/26/2015
Blake Barnes hates getting other guys' cum on him. So when Marc nuts on his arm, then slaps some on his face, Blake is furious. He gets dangerously close to fucking his straight buddy's hole and ends by straddling him and cumming all over his face. While the guys are doing push-ups, I ask Marc about...

C'mon, Dude
Blake Barnes, Levi 09/12/2015
20-year-old college sophomore Levi has never been on camera or messed around with a guy before. In his debut video, he's paired with Blake Barnes who initiates Levi in the gay-for-pay basics. They measure their cocks, show their holes to the camera and both suck cock for the first time ever. When Blake...

Jesse and Blake
Blake Barnes, Jesse 08/01/2015
18-year-old Latin cub Jesse wants to break into porn, so Franco matches him up with Blake to see what he can do with this straight guy's big white dick. Jesse gives Blake a stellar blowjob and takes his load on his chest before dousing Blake with his own big, watery load. Since they're both wearing black,...

Steffan and Blake
Blake Barnes, Steffan 06/06/2015
Straight young tough guy Blake talks a big game and today he lives up to it. He flips Steffan over and bangs his tight little hole in one position after another, and when he cums, he wipes his load all over the twink. Blake doens't know that I brought in a ringer for him to fuck. Before the shoot, I...