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Models / Seamus

Avg Rating: 4.3

Seamus Vital Stats:

Seamus Updates

Seamus' Audition
Seamus 03/13/2019
26-year-old former Army man Seamus plays with his hairy hole while he jacks his cock. When Seamus cums, he squirts all over his furry abs and rubs it into his chest hair. As soon as Seamus takes off his shirt, I want to see the rest of him naked. He strokes his cock while he tells me about his bondage...

Clayton and Seamus
Clayton, Franco Dax, Seamus 03/19/2016
Seamus is paired with tall, hung twink Clayton. He chokes down Clayton's huge cock and shoots a big load of cum on his creamy smooth stomach. Clayton is obviously excited to be playing with Seamus, so much that I wonder if Seamus will be able to get that big dick down his throat. I guess I shouldn't...

Seamus Goes Gay For Pay
Franco Dax, Seamus 03/12/2016
Seamus goes gay-for-pay with Franco, fucking his face and letting him play with his ass. Franco plasters Seamus' chest with cum, and the straight boy follows shortly after. Seamus stutters a little bit as I undress him, but it sounds just like nervous energy to me. I keep going, rubbing his cock through...

Playin' Around
Angel, Seamus 02/27/2016
When it's cold outside, what's better than meeting up with a buddy for a brojob? C'mon. You're just playin' around. It's kinda cold when Angel and Seamus get naked, so when Angel has trouble getting hard with his cold hands, Seamus steps in to help a brother out... What's better than a warm hand on your...

Seamus' Blowjob
Ace, Seamus 01/13/2016
All Seamus knows is that he's going to get a great blowjob. What he doesn't know is that it's going to be from another guy. Seamus thinks I'm teaching a girl what to do on the other side of the gloryhole, but really I've forced Ace to his knees to suck Seamus off. Does it matter who's doing it when it's...

Seamus and CB
Caesar Bellacotti, Seamus 12/19/2015
CB brings his straight friend Seamus over to make some easy money. He sucks Seamus' cock and they rub their dicks together before he asks Seamus if he'll eat his ass. Seamus does such a great job that CB can't help shooting his load. He finishes by adding his cum to the pool of jizz on CB's stomach....