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Models / Franco Dax

Avg Rating: 3.0

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Franco Dax Updates

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Eddy Bound and Sucked
Eddy, Franco Dax 08/27/2016
Franco ties 6-foot tall, 20-year-old Eddy's hands together behind his head and gives him a blowjob. This straight pool boy may get a lot of play, but he's never been sucked off like this before. Eddy's a pretty confident guy. We talk about how he likes to go to nude beaches and him picking up girls so...

Ryan Peters Submissive and Bareback
Franco Dax, Ryan Peters 08/06/2016
Franco blindfolds Ryan Peters and cuffs his hands together. Right away, Ryan turns totally submissive and does whatever he's told. Franco eats his ass, forces him to suck his cock and fucks his tight hole bareback with his thick 9-inch cock. I ask Ryan to tell me about the first time he had sex and sex...

Michael's Huge Cock Sucked
Franco Dax, Michael 07/27/2016
It's Michael's first time at a gloryhole, and he's about to get the best blowjob of his life. Franco slurps down Michael's huge cock, jacks him, licks his head and sucks out all of his cum. When I see Michael step up to the gloryhole, I'm so eager to get at his big dick that I reach out and pull him...

Jacob Fucks the Hole Bareback
Franco Dax, Jacob 07/20/2016
It's late at night and Jacob needs to blow his load. He knows he can get a great blowjob at the Straight Fraternity gloryhole, but he's even happier when he gets to fuck some ass with his raw cock. It doesn't take long for me to make Jacob hard sucking his dick. When he keeps trying to fuck my mouth,...

Tattooed Roughneck's Gloryhole BJ
Franco Dax, JD 07/06/2016
This guy was recommended to me by a local bartender. He told me JD was hot and ready to work, so I suck on that big dick through my gloryhole... JD comes in a side door that's a private entrance. He was told earlier to enter the booth and stick his cock through the hole for a blow job... He's thrusting...

Ryan Peters
Franco Dax, Ryan Peters 06/22/2016
Bi-curious 19-year-old Ryan heard he could get blown by an expert at the Straight Fraternity gloryhole. When Ryan has trouble keeping it up, Franco shows him how it's done and allows Ryan to feel his huge cock. It majorly turns Ryan on and he shoots his huge load into Franco's mouth and all over his...

Eric's Huge Load
Eric, Franco Dax 06/08/2016
I meet this tall, hung basketball coach in the sauna at the Y and tell him about my anonymous gloryhole. He's so horny that he stops by to get his cock sucked just an hour later... Eric sticks his big dick in the hole and gets hard really fast. Choking on his salty meat, I can tell he's more than 9 inches....

Teddy at the Gloryhole
Franco Dax, Teddy 06/01/2016
Teddy is in the Army Reserve and doesn't want his buddies to know he's being blown at a gloryhole, even though it was one of them that told him about it. This muscular straight dude just needs to get off! Teddy takes off his shirt and sticks his dick in the hole. It doesn't take long before my sucking...

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