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  • Straight Fraternity
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Models / Franco Dax

Avg Rating: 3.7

Franco Dax Vital Stats:

Franco Dax Updates

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Donny Sucked Off
Donny, Franco Dax 07/01/2015
After a long day at the beach, 20-year-old Donny stops by the Straight Fraternity gloryhole to get serviced. He busts his nut in the guy's mouth and is sucked to completion. Donny steps up to the hole and drops his board shorts. He sticks his pretty cock and balls through, and I get to work. I suck his...

Nate at the Gloryhole
Franco Dax, Nate 06/24/2015
21-year-old straight skater Nate is always horny, so when he hears about the Straight Fraternity gloryhole, he's curious to find out if it'll give him the kind of release he needs. Nate likes it rough! Nate's curious about getting off at a gloryhole, and I'm excited to do it! I suck and jack his dick...

Franco Dax, Marc 06/20/2015
20-year-old straight BMX biker Marc won't go gay-for-pay for anyone else but Franco. He tells Franco about losing his virginity and having sex with girls before letting Franco blow him. Marc shoots a huge load, then without getting up, he soaks himself in his own piss. Marc's so cute, I can't wait to...

Young Married Guy Chad
Franco Dax 06/10/2015
Chad got married and had a before he was 21, and now he works a hard labor job to support them. Chad's always horny, so when a buddy tells him about the Straight Fraternity gloryhole, he sneaks off at lunch to get a well-deserved blowjob. As soon as I start sucking, Chad starts moaning. He jumps a little...

Franco Dax, Jules 06/03/2015
Fit stud Jules hasn't gotten off in almost a week, and he seriously needs to blow his load. He doesn't care what's on the other side of the gloryhole as long as his aching balls get drained. Jules pulls down his shorts, takes off his shirt and presses his muscular body against the wood. His hot ass flexes...

Kayden Fingered and Blown
Franco Dax, Kayden 05/27/2015
Kayden is super-excited to have his big, uncut cock sucked at the gloryhole. His entire body twitches while he's sucked to completion, and his hole is fingered hard when he's cumming. I'm as excited as Kayden to see his big, hard dick pop through the gloryhole. But that's not enough for me. I tell him...

Johnny Matthews
Franco Dax, Johnny Matthews 05/20/2015
Even though bi-sexual stud Johnny Matthews has both a girlfriend and a boyfriend, he's constantly horny and looking for places to shoot his load. The Straight Fraternity gloryhole gives him with just the release he needs. I'm super excited to suck off Johnny Mathews. As soon as he sticks his uncut cock...

High Five
Braxton Adams, Franco Dax, Gabriel, Texas 05/16/2015
20-year-old Gabriel, who's into both girls and guys, says he'll try anything once and that everything turns him on the first time he tries it. He sucks cock and 69's, but finally gets off with three guys jacking over him. It's high fives all around as the guys celebrate, but once Braxton blows his load,...

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