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  • Straight Fraternity
  • Straight Fraternity
  • Straight Fraternity
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Models / Franco Dax

Avg Rating: 3.7

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Daddy's Toy
Franco Dax, Warren 09/19/2015
Daddy Franco brings gay-for-pay player Warren over on a rainy afternoon. He blindfolds Warren, feels him up and sucks his cock. Then with Warren on his back, Franco rims his asshole and finger-fucks him. They shoot their loads all over Warren's stomach, leaving him coated in cum.I toss Warren a blindfold,...

Franco Dax, Joey F. 08/26/2015
Joey heard a couple of buddies talking about the Straight Fraternity gloryhole, and one afternoon when he was super horny, he secretly headed over to check it out. Most girls can't deepthroat his big black cock, but that's no problem at this gloryhole! Joey sticks his huge black cock through the hole,...

Basic Training
Franco Dax, Liam 08/22/2015
20-year-old Liam is back from Army training, but he's still got a lot to learn. Franco shows him how it feels to have his cute butt eaten and asshole fingered, then he makes Liam spray a gigantic load and sucks his sensitive dick. Liam has been away at basic training for a while, so when I heard he was...

Franco Dax, Tristan 08/19/2015
Gage's cousin, 18-year-old Tristan, is nervous and excited about getting his dick sucked at a gloryhole for the first time. He leans into the wooden divider while his cock is worked over from the other side. After a lot of teasing and edging, Tristan finally unloads in Franco's mouth. Tristan steps up...

Franco Dax, Thomas 08/12/2015
Thomas' wife won't give him as much head as he wants, so he decides to try a gloryhole for the first time. He gets his dick sucked, rubs his dick against another guy's and busts a huge nut. Clearly spent, he stumbles back home a satisfied customer.Thomas sticks his cock and balls through the gloryhole,...

Billy's Thick Dick
Billy, Franco Dax 07/22/2015
Billy is definitely a grower! When his dick gets hard, he fills the gloryhole and Franco's mouth entirely. He shoots his load on Franco's lips, and with the deed done, he's outta there. Billy sticks his big balls and little dick through the hole, but it doesn't stay small for long! With my help, his...

First Finger
Corey, Franco Dax 07/11/2015
Corey doesn't know it, but he's about to catch a finger. Franco rims his ass first, then with patience and a lot of lube, he penetrates Corey's hole. Corey is surprised how amazing it feels and busts a huge nut. Franco finishes by cumming all over the straight guy. I get Corey to relax by asking him...

Dean at the Gloryhole
Dean Daniels, Franco Dax 07/08/2015
Sometimes the easiest way to relax is with a blowjob, and no one knows that better than Dean. He uses the Straight Fraternity gloryhole to unload before heading off to bed. Dean steps up to the gloryhole and drops his athletic shorts. I suck his tasty cock and balls until he cums in my mouth. Then he...

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