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Models / Angel

Avg Rating: 4.0

Angel Vital Stats:

Angel Updates

Abel & Angel Go Gay 4 Pay
Abel, Angel 08/25/2018
Abel is willing to do all sorts of gay acts for cash, but today is the first time he's ever agreed to kiss another guy in more than just a friendly way. He and Angel start with the kiss, but quickly go back to the easier stuff...handjobs and sucking cock! Abel and Angel talk about dating girls and the...

Young Blonde Surfer Sucks Trevor's Giant Dick
Angel, Trevor 08/04/2018
With his girlfriend just outside the room, Trevor has his enormous uncut cock serviced by another guy and gets close to his first taste of dick. Angel gets Trevor barefoot and holds his size 13's up for the camera. The guys drop their jeans, and Trevor's big balls hang out of one leg of his boxers. Will...

Angel's Audition
Angel 12/27/2017
Angel was recommended by a friend, but he had no clue what really was going to happen. I told him if I have him back after today, I wanted him to have some man-on-man sex. He looked surprised. I guess his friend didn't tell him that part! I tell Angel to get naked, and put on some porn for him. It's...

Angel at the Gloryhole
Angel, Franco Dax 03/02/2016
After a long day, pretty blonde boy Angel just wants to relax and nut. He steps up to the Straight Fraternity gloryhole and shoots his juicy load inside. Angel smirks as he sticks his dick in the gloryhole. His big cock fills up my mouth as he gets hard, but in the end he finishes himself off. He shoots...

Playin' Around
Angel, Seamus 02/27/2016
When it's cold outside, what's better than meeting up with a buddy for a brojob? C'mon. You're just playin' around. It's kinda cold when Angel and Seamus get naked, so when Angel has trouble getting hard with his cold hands, Seamus steps in to help a brother out... What's better than a warm hand on your...

Angel, Nico Stiles 12/26/2015
New buddies Angel and Nico go gay for pay together. Angel sucks Nico's huge cock and gets a pearl necklace before Nico strokes him while he masturbates. I catch up with Angel and Nico and introduce them to each other. Angel warns Nico about the Bowl of Tricks, and I warn them both with the paddle......