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Models / Ryan

Avg Rating: 4.6

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Best Friends Bo and Maverick Go Gay For Pay
Bo, Maverick, Ryan 10/17/2023
These two guys are old friends and VERY comfortable with each other. They talk about their friendship, and Bo gives details of some embarrassing, hot facts about Maverick, like how his girlfriend pegs him sometimes! The two strip on the bed together, then Maverick strokes his big cock while I oil Bo...

19-Year-Old Blake Lets Me Blow Him
Blake, Ryan 10/10/2023
Blake is nervous and doesn't feel like talking, so we launch right into it. He strokes his cock for a bit, then I have him stand up so I can rub him down everywhere, including that fat piece! Once I talk Blake onto the bed, I'm able sneak his meat into my mouth. In spite of his doubts, Blake seems...

Riley's Step-Brother Reese Sucked Off
Reese, Ryan 10/03/2023
Reese came to see me with his step-brother Riley, and now it's his turn to get blown! The two step-brothers look alike, but Reese is a bigger guy, and I think he's been around a bit more than Riley. He seems to be hornier and ready to have his cock sucked. I'm sure Riley told Reese what to expect, so...

Cowboy Riley's First Gay Blowjob
Riley, Ryan 09/26/2023
Riley is a 21-year-old ranch hand with a great body and nice cock. First I ask him how he learned to jack off. He Googled it! Then Riley kicks off his boots and underwear and starts getting himself hard. I thought this straight boy would be a challenge, but it turns out he's pretty easy to make. Riley...

Kiba: Hunky Hawaiian Jacks It
Kiba, Ryan 08/15/2023
I was lucky to get together with Kiba. He was leaving town for a while the next day, and I rushed to get him and his sexy body on video. I can tell that Kiba is nervous about jacking in front of a guy, but he said he needed the money really bad for his trip. He fucks my sex toy for a bit, but he's clearly...

Ginger Britton Goes Gay For Pay
Britton, Ryan 08/08/2023
Britton comes over to make a gay dare video, but when the other player chickens out, it's up to me to play with him. Britton has such a hot cock that I can't wait to suck it, and he lets me! He gets close to cumming a few times while I work on his rod, but he holds onto his wad tight. I show off his...

Nickolas Strokes His Big Dick
Nickolas, Ryan 08/05/2023
Nickolas is a pretty shy guy who's both nervous and excited about jacking his dick on camera for me. For someone who says he's nervous, he sure gets hard fast! Soon Nickolas is stroking his meat with gusto, and I sneak a feel while greasing him up for the camera. After shooting his load, Nickolas admits...

Redhead Kelly's First Gay Handjob
Kelly, Ryan 08/01/2023
It takes some convincing to get adorable redhead Kelly to let me jerk him off. He's never done anything with another guy before, except beat off with some buddies. Kelly is one hot package, with a big cock and a sweet ass.  I put on some porn for him to watch, and after getting totally naked and stroking...

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