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Models / Ryan

Avg Rating: 4.0

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Bailey's Blowjob Audition
Bailey, Ryan 03/15/2017
Smooth, muscular Bailey gets blown by another guy during his porn audition to prove he can get it up and keep it up on camera. He also gets a handjob but can't cum, so this video includes his jerk-off cumshot from another shoot.

Cole: 18-Year-Old With An 8+ Inch Cock
Cole, Ryan 03/11/2017
Cole is quite a mouthful. This shy 18-year-old has amazing abs, but a REALLY amazing cock that is more than 8 inches long. It's really fat, too. I knew I wanted a taste of that. Cole is in his first year of college, and he was nervous about doing this shoot. I think that cock of his is the biggest I've...

Utah: Tattooed Military Guy Gets A Gay Handjob
Ryan, Utah 02/18/2017
The first time I saw Utah I knew I wanted him on the site. He's in the military and was curious about doing a scene so he could do a scene with one of our girls. Utah has an amazing tattoo that looks so good on his hot body. He also has a hot cock that got hard almost instantly. I think he likes the...

Jace: Navy Guy's Surprise Blowjob
Jace, Ryan 01/21/2017
Jace is friendly, but he has a little bit of an edge to him. He started out telling me about how his buddy showed him how to jack off the first time. One thing I love about Jace is his intensity. He started stroking his cock and getting into it quickly. Check out how his feet and toes flex as he gets...

DJ: Ex-Con Hungry For Bareback Sex
DJ, Ryan 01/14/2017
DJ just got out of prison and was looking to make some quick cash (and bust a nut at the same time). He's also a sexy surfer who has been staying out at the beach as much as possible. I like that DJ seems a little bit dangerous! He's very comfortable being naked around other guys and really brought a...

Bailey: Construction Worker JO
Bailey, Ryan 01/07/2017
Bailey is new in town and looking for a job in construction like the one he had back home. He was willing to make some cash by jacking off for me. He has an awesome body with ripped abs and a thick chest. I loved being behind the camera watching him stroke his meat. I had him stand up so I could position...

James: Straight, Engaged and Getting Head
James G., Ryan 12/31/2016
I went out of town for Christmas to visit my brother. He lives out in the middle of nowhere. It was boring. I brought my camera (luckily) and met James online. He's engaged, but he was ready to go when I told him I'd give him a hot BJ. James is 26 and very hairy. He used to be a high school football...

Hairy Arab Stud Caleb's Audition
Caleb, Ryan 11/23/2016
The first time I met him, I gave Caleb a blowjob to prove he could get hard in front of the camera. He starts out by stripping and stroking it, but then I finish by sucking his cock, and he cums down my throat in ecstasy!

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